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How to Store Your Washcloths (why in transferware of course!)

Several years ago I wrote a post about a purple transferware soup tureen that I had come across and now use as a storage container for washcloths in our master bathroom.  I roll the towels up lengthwise so they resemble roses and place them in the tureen.  It mimics a huge bouquet of roses in a beautiful vessel. This is one of my favorite pieces of transferware and I throughly enjoyed researching and learning about, though it took a little time to gather the information I found. The stamp / makers mark on the bottom of the tureen reads  Chantilian (pattern name) and R & C.  R & C which stands for Read and Clementson, Staffordshire potters at High Street at Shelton, Hanley.    This firm, as with many of the early transferware manufacturers, had a short production period from 1833-35, when many potters sprang up out nowhere because of the huge business transfer printing had become in England.  I was elated to know I had found such an early piece, nearly 200 yea

Grilled Pork Chops with Homemade Garlic Herbed Butter

Tis the season to be grillin'!   Shawn might argue that there are no seasonal boundaries for grilling.  I take that back.  Shawn would actually insist that there are no seasonal boundaries for grilling. During rain, sleet, snow, even during a tornado watch it isn't at all unusual to find my husband standing outside in sub zero, torrential weather if there is some meat he can grill.  And grill he does! This is a dish that we used to make quite often, summers ago.  I'm not even sure how it fell off of our radar because it's a win-win dish as it is just as easy to make as it is delicious to eat.  Do you ever forget about a dish and then something sparks your memory and you're like, "oh yeah, we have got to make that soon"?   A couple of weeks ago we were talking about a Spinach salad I make with warm bacon dressing and these pork chops immediately popped into my head;  I've never not served the chops without the Spinach salad.  It remind