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Golden Fleece Margarine Antique Dairy Slab

Advertising transferware looks so good in the kitchen, whether you've got one fully stocked with the finest appliances and accoutrements available or a kitchen void of top notch bells and whistles, these antique pieces add a charm to any style that can't easily be replicated.   I've bought and sold these pieces for a while, and along the way have acquired several that I just adore.      The piece I'm showing, below, is by Royal Doulton and was made around 1930 to advertise Golden Fleece Margarine, as you have probably surmised just by looking at it!    It is made of very heavy ironstone that's about 1/2" thick all around.  It stands on three feet that run the length of the piece. You can probably tell from my pictures that it has some serious damage.  I had it shipped from England and it arrived in pieces, some of them looked like they'd been pulverized into a powder.  I really believed it was a goner...but I couldn't bare to thro