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Latest Acquisitions From England

I've gotten a few big shipments of transferware from England recently.   I have found some beautiful treasures to offer in my shop...and some to keep, at least for a while =)    I am joining Etsy for a giveaway in a few of these pieces will go to one of their blog readers.  Tune in Monday for that announcement...and for the video release!   In the meantime, here are some of my latest acquisitions.   Most of these are listed in my online shop, English Transferware , or they soon will be.   This is a rare, divided serving dish by Spode Copeland in the Camilla pattern.    This piece is one I've kept at home for some time.  I do that a lot.  I will come across a piece that I really like a lot and will display it or use it around my house for sometime before I ultimately decide to let it go to a new home.      You don't see this piece or this pattern in brown very often. Aesthetic Movement soup plate.    I have two of these hanging in my guest bathr

Etsy Documentary Filming In My Home ~ Day 3

If you've been keeping up with me here then you know some of the wonderful things that have transpired over the last month or so.  I had a little 'coming out' post and shared my true story about why and how I started my business HERE ,  then I told you all about the phone call with Beth Levison, an Emmy winning film producer HERE , and then followed up with filming in my house HERE , and now here. I cannot tell you how relieved I was right after Tara and Shane returned to our house early the next morning and Tara told me that she got everything needed from the interview.  That meant that I was off the hook for being on camera again.  YES, I thought to myself, YES!  I was so relaxed after that and enjoyed the whole process of what was happening even more so. Tara and Shane began setting up right away to film and photograph in the dining room.  Out came the dining chairs and table and in came the equipment and lighting for more dolly shots. Next we moved the ta

Autumn Woodland Centerpiece

I shared this tablescape in my last post and mentioned that I'd show you all how I put the centerpiece together.   It is made from a wreath of twigs as the base.  You can use one you already have, make one or layer it with various Fall grasses, berries, seed pods, pinecones, Pheasant feathers, etc.  Mine is made of natural and faux items. I simply laid the wreath on the table and got out a cake stand that was approximately the same height as the wreath when laying flat, about 6-7" Place the stand in the center of the wreath I love these fakorns (bought at Walmart a couple of years ago) and put about a 2" covering of them around the stand so that it would not show.  You could use more pinecones, berries, etc. Walnuts still in the shell would be pretty too!  In the center I placed one of these bark shaped pillar candles, which even look like a cut tree from the top (you can buy them at Zest Candles ). This makes a com