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My Hubby's Made From Scratch Focaccia Bread & A Giveaway!

As you all know from time to time I will feature one of my or my husband's favorite recipes.  If you've followed for some time you have probably figured out that we are both foodies and LOVE to eat great food.  Several years ago following a car accident in which I shattered my arm rendering it totally immobile for several months and practically useless for almost a year, Shawn found himself learning a lot of new things such as how to do our young daughters pony tails, waking up early in the morning to get the kids off to school...a true shock to his system, house cleaning and last but not least, cooking for eight.  He has always been the traditional "grill guy" but everyday cooking was something new to him to say the least.  Much to our six kids and my liking, he absolutely fell in love with it.    Shawn discovered a natural inclination to great cooking and that making delicious food is relatively easy.   Anymore it is he who cooks and meal plans most of t

Christmas Tablescape with Masons Vista

Click to Enter my French Pillow GIVEAWAY Bye bye Old Britain Castles.  Hello Vista.  That was my first thought, over ten years ago, when I was an avid Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles (OBC) collector and discovered Mason's Vista.    I like them both, but     I love the deep, cranberry tones and the variations in shapes and hollow wares this line offers.   Plus, I like the deeper shade of pink/red.  Vista  is one of those few transferware patterns I experienced love at first sight with. I sure am glad I have to be faithful to one man and not just ONE set of dishes!   I don't think that would work out for me. So, this week, here's another favorite pattern of mine set to a Christmas table. And...hooray, this tablescape was just featured in a local publication today in conjunction with an open house I'm having at the shop on December 11.  If you're in the Tulsa area, please come by. About the Vista pattern: Vista is widely popular amongst serious collec