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Happy 4th of July and a 1776 sale!

I'm sure you all are busy like me, getting ready for the 4th of July!  I have been SO hungry for coconut cake lately.  I have found myself staring at endless pins with different recipes.  I can taste it now!  I decided to make one and take it to my sisters house tomorrow, where we're going to celebrate Independence.  I'm also making dirt and worms, minus the (gummy) worms.  I bet most of you have had it or seen the recipe.  My kids, especially Ethan and Trevor LOVE it.  Those two boys have the same birthday and often ask me to make it in lieu of cake (although now that I think about it they usually ask for cake too)! I didn't fully set a 4th of July table.  I started to but never got it all together.  My dining room is still in the works.  I can't afford to put wallpaper up right now, which is really what I'd love to do and the curtains are make shift (what was in the house when we moved in) for now.  Most all of my red transferware is in there, but it