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A Melange of Autumn & Thanksgiving Transferware Tablescapes

  I have been busy trying to get my shop stocked up for the holidays, so I'm sharing some of my favorite Fall and Thanksgiving tables from the past.  I've been seeing many blogs posting Christmas decor and I'm still trying to figure out Thanksgiving details!  How about you?   As for the tables I'm sharing tonight,  I've provided link backs in case you see something you like and might want more details of how I put each table together.  One common thing among the settings is that I always shop my house for things I can use in the tables I set.  It forces, and allows, me to be creative….and keeps me from spending money that I don't have to spend in the first place.  Most of us don't think of using black for Thanksgiving, but the plates in this first setting provided enough touches of  traditional Fall colors of oranges and browns to pull them in.   My favorite thing about this table (besides the transferware plates) was using a  long needlepoint r

Turkey Transferware Vignette, Plates & Platters and the History Behind Them

Every year I offer several turkey themed transferware pieces for sale in my shop, mostly plates and platters.  And, each year it seems I choose one or two to either use for serving our Thanksgiving turkey or to display around the house.  This year I've chosen one that I've not had in stock, or seen in person before.  It's called a Well & Tree platter because it's made for holding a roast, ham or of course a big ole Thanksgiving turkey and has indentations in the shape of a tree which allow for juices to drain to a well at the bottom end of the platter.  It was made by Royal Doulton and dates to the late 1800's to early 1900's.   I only recently found this piece and most of my kitchen has green accents so it was a perfect fit.  I've got it displayed in the kitchen alongside some of my advertising pieces, antique bread boards, a stack of cooking magazines (on the top is Taste of Home which one of my platters is on the cover of) and a big bark basket o