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Giveaway at Common Ground

Yesterday, one of my blogging friends, Debra, author of Common Ground ,  announced a giveaway to my English Transferware shop.  I wanted to introduce everyone to her and send you over to follow her beautiful blog and enter the giveaway. I adore Debra's collection of sheep figurines she has shared on her blog.  Her collection has made me want to start one of my if I don't already collect enough! Aren't these adorable? Debra doesn't know it, but I've sort of been stalking her sheep via her blog.  I mean it,  I really think these are so precious and I want them...ALL of them!   =) Her home and style of decorating are so beautiful.  You'll be sure to find lots of inspiration at Common Ground. Debra also has her own Etsy shop,  Common Ground Petite Boutique , where she sells necklaces she's made from vintage finds like these with old number/locker tags and keys.  Debra is working with me on two pieces for my girls

A Tablescape for a Client and Moss Topiaries

I did this setting for a customer who purchased these plates and allowed me to keep them long enough to complete a table with them.   Thank you for being so patient Donna!  I hope that you, and everyone else, finds some inspiration and enjoys the photos of this table! The blue transferware plates have a bouquet of flowers with a butterfly and bird fluttering amongst them.   Before I put this table together, I'd made up a bunch of reindeer moss topiaries for my shop and had them on the dining room table when Michael, my 22 year old son, came in and remarked about what a neat centerpiece they made, assuming I'd put them on the table for that reason.   I muttered ''uh huh" and sort of dismissed his comment continuing on with what I was doing which was cleaning up my topiary mess to prepare for the table setting.   About half and hour later,  when I was setting the table I thought to myself,  "Michael's right, these topiaries do look c

Mmmm...Homemade Pizza

 I haven't spent as much time blogging over the past couple of months because I've been concentrating on ramping up my business and meeting new goals where that is concerned, but over the holidays, I took photos of quite a few dishes that we prepared with the intent of sharing the recipes with you all.   This is one of the "Just Because" dishes...   Just because it's pizza and just because it's so good!   The crust is thin, crispy and seasoned to perfection.  Shawn brushes a little olive oil around the edge before baking, and sprinkles with fresh herbs and garlic.  mmm, mmm, mmm! Of course you can top your pizza with whatever toppings you like, but one of our family favorites is this combination of homemade Alfredo sauce (tastes equally great with plain tomato sauce or your fave pizza sauce), grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, spinach and a blend of mozzarella and smoked gouda cheeses.  Crumbled bacon and mushrooms are excellent additions to t

Since it's not President's Day

No matter what the mattress sale ad reads, it's NOT President's Day.   Since 1885, it has officially been called 'Washington's Birthday', a national federal holiday in honor of the Father of Our Country.  Originally it was celebrated on Washington's true birthday, February 22,  until 1968 when some lawmakers wanted to celebrate generalized presidential achievement, particularly those of Abraham Lincoln.  The Uniform Monday Holiday Act was passed, which created three day weekends along with the sales-a-thons we are bombarded with by retailers.  Because many jurisdictions celebrated Lincoln's birthday on February 12,  which is so close to Washington's,  a general perception grew that the birthday of the Great Emancipator was an inclusion to the Act, though it was not.   Today is "Washington's Birthday".   Today is the day to celebrate all things Washington. Since my blog is 90% about a particular subject, you can imagine what I'm g