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English Cottage Master Bedroom Details - Pile on the Pillows & a GIVEAWAY

When it comes to making up my bed, I say pile on the pillows.  I love lots and lots and lots of pillows on my bed, mixing and matching patterns which each add layer upon layer of texture, color and give it a warm, inviting and custom look.     Several years back I bought some deeply discounted Ralph Lauren bedding from his Brittany collection.  Since then I have added to it, mixing different Ralph Lauren collections together and adding other pieces I had or have found along the way. The aubergine needlepoint floral pillow is one that was purchased with the set originally and has all of the colors of my room and pulls it all together visually. It is truly a mixed and matched, collected over time set but I like it that way.   I think it's good to start with big shams towards the back and then layer and alternate color and pattern to achieve a collected, lived in look.  I have floral king size shams at the back which set on top of of our pillows we actually sleep on and that

English Country Cottage Bedroom - Before & After

The door is open, so step on in to our Master bedroom.   I know many of you have been reading my blog for a long time and so you know that our family has had some hard times, most of which I don't share publicly but some that I have.  We still do have our hard times. Probably, we always will.  But, I believe that in between those bad times we are given glimpses and moments of joy that make those hard times bearable and give a little reprieve to get us on through.  I cannot begin to say how blessed we feel to have found this house we are now living in.  It is like a dream home for us and it feels like home, a feeling my kids, hubby and I haven't really known in some time despite the fact that we have been fortunate to live in some lovely places, especially when we were in Colorado.   This past weekend we hosted a Basic Training send off party for Jonah.  We invited friends and family and this was our first large gathering in our new house.  Most everyon