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Spode Continental Views Yellow Transferware Table (by Jonah!!!)

Last summer I purchased a rickety picnic table with benches at a yard sale for $10.  Shawn about croaked since he'd have trashed this thing in a heartbeat.  He could not believe I bought such junk, but I couldn't resist the price or the thought of how I'd use it for outdoor tablescapes.   That's the main reason I bought it!  It's so bloggable!    It's warped and wobbly as can be with badly chipped paint (which I happen to like).    Well, before we moved I packed up a box full of things just for this table knowing it would be the first one I'd do at our new house.   Then, when we moved to the new house, as you might have imagined, Shawn 'accidentally on purpose' forgot to load the picnic table and benches.  Needless to say, that didn't work out like he had planned.   Thank goodness for teenage boys that are willing to sneak over to the old house and load it up while Dad is gone, and a Mom most willing to drive the getaway van!  My rickety, rackety

One Room is Done!

 I have been one serious cleaning machine these past few weeks.  Clorox is my new bff.   This HOUSE has been scrubbed, rubbed, washed, rinsed, mopped and sanitized from ceiling to floor and is finally inhabitable.  There is much to do still but it's coming along. I have not only been busy with getting this house ready to live in but with the actual move itself, closing the store and some personal issues. I guess I have had so much on my mind that I very stupidly left this 4.7 lb Dewalt drill on the top of the ladder and then went to move it.   I got the drill bit planted right into my forehead and though I'm thankful it didn't actually penetrate my skull or hit me in the eye, I did get to take a trip to the emergency room for stitches.  I managed, at the same time, to slightly fracture my wrist too. I had just gotten over dropping a 3lb metal obelisk on my foot which left me unable to put a shoe on for a few days, along with a slew of other countless scrapes, cuts and br