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Showing posts from August 10, 2014

Momma Mecha's Green Enchiladas La Cazuela

After making one form or other of Green Enchiladas for a number of years, I have finally gotten my own recipe just the way we like it, at least my 7 family members + 1 extra staying here say so!   You guys might remember me telling you that last Fall while I was getting things in order for the largest job I've had to date for The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas (read that post  HERE ),  I was given the name Mecha Corte, aka short fuse, by my family.     Our house was seriously like a shipping and receiving warehouse and maze for awhile as every room, bedrooms included, were filled with transferware and packing materials.    This was all during the holidays and it was a little more than crazy.  Good crazy.  Nonetheless, I earned another nickname, Mecha Corte, because I was on a short fuse more than once during that time.  We decided this dish needed a better name than just Green Enchiladas and since I've actually grown a fondness of the jest in being called Mecha (meech

A Sneak Peek into My Kitchen

Last week I posted HERE  about the figural pieces of transferware in my shop and tonight I thought I'd do a quick post and show some of the ones I have in my collection that are displayed in vignettes around my kicthen.    Next to the stove I have a large dairy cheese slab (you can read about these pieces HERE ) which holds a couple of transferware pitchers filled with utensils, a jar of olive oil that we cook with regularly, salt and pepper shakers and a nice, plump little piggy.  The piggy doesn't really serve a purpose other than to look cute and make me want bacon.  It's actually a piggy bank.  I've got two of these and am currently trying to decide which one to sell.  They are so darn cute though that it's hard to decide!  One is an advertising piece for Harrod's and is printed in green.   Over in the corner, next to the sink I have my rooster pitcher, nesting hen egg basket and a chicken creamer.  I've layered two trays behind these p