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Dragonfly ~ An Aesthetic Movement Tablescape

When I think of the Aesthetic Movement , images of insects, bamboo, mums, Oriental motif's and  asymmetrical  design comes to mind, and of course transferware made during that period of time. Yesterday, September 11th,  was Michael's 23rd birthday and as I always do, I make my homemade Alfredo for him.   He made me feel so good because he said he quite ordering Chicken Alfredo when he's out (he and Ethan eat almost every meal out even though we tell them to save, save, save!) because he is always so disappointed as he expects it to taste like mine and it never does.  I think I got the best present yesterday!  Shawn grills chicken, shrimp, and red peppers (I love grilled red peppers in Alfredo!) and I steam broccoli and then we set it out buffet style so everyone can add what they want to their Alfredo.  I make homemade croutons for a Caesar salad.  Michael ate two great big plates!  I'm not one to encourage overeating, but I have to say it made me fee