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Showing posts from October 6, 2013

Huffington Post Feature

Last Tuesday evening Kalyn and Ashton surprised me by taking me out to get my nails done as a birthday gift.   When we got home I found another surprising gift waiting for me, one that came completely unexpected.  The  Huffington Post   wrote a small story about my business and transferware and included the documentary short, 'There's No Place Like Here' that Etsy filmed at my house last year when they were here.  It was very touching to me that Brie Dyas, Senior Editor at both HuffPost Home and HuffPost Style, linked to the article I wrote about how and why I really began selling English transferware,  which I had posted on my blog last year just before announcing my Etsy feature.     I thought I'd share the link to the story and video for anyone who wanted to read or watch it so just  click the Huffington Post logo or  the transferware picture below and you'll be taken right to it. Thank you Brie Dyas For the lovely article!